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Most people have never bought or sold a business before. Our job is to help you.

We concentrate on small and medium sized businesses with a turnover of up to £20 million, but no matter the scale of your business, or the business you wish to acquire - we'd love to hear from you and assist in your endeavours.

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Why Choose Weybrook Business Brokers?

Every client we work with is hugely important to us, that is why we only work with a few select clients, once you are signed up we will concentrate on ensuring your business is sold to the right buyer. We will be alongside you throughout the process and will meet all potential buyers to ensure their suitability and we will accompany them on all site visits.

We will work very closely with all your advisers including lawyers, accountants and financing experts throughout the sale process. Our primary goal is to offer you excellent support and customer service throughout the process.

If you are looking to grow your business by acquiring a similar or complementary company, we will search out and make confidential contact with potential targets. We have a strong business network and contact can be made without causing conflict of interest