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Weybrook will help you sell your business

Every business is unique and we therefore begin the process by understanding your needs and reasons for selling, followed by an initial evaluation. Once you have decided to work with Weybrook we will do a detailed evaluation and proceed to market your business to find a buyer.

Our primary goal is to offer you excellent support and customer service throughout the process.


Our Process

1 Free no obligation initial consultation We will make an initial evaluation which will always be realistic so that we can proceed without unnecessarily raising expectations. We take the opportunity at this stage to really understand you and what your motivations are for selling to help you achieve your goals.
2 Full Evaluation Once you have decided to work with us we will conduct a comprehensive study of your business, the market and its future potential.
3 Valuation Our valuation will take into account the multiple factors that will drive the eventual sale value.
4 Production of key sale documents We will produce a sale document that will only be passed on to potential buyers who have been vetted and have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
5 A bespoke marketing plan This will be put in place by carefully targeting the most appropriate buyers for your business.
6 Vetting of potential buyers We will meet all potential purchasers and accompany them to all site meetings.
7 Assisting the sale process We will coordinate and present all offers and work with you and all your advisers to help conclude the sale.



Fee Structure

We want to sell your business and therefore predominantly operate a payment by results approach. A typical fee structure comprises an initial commitment Fee, which includes a marketing fee and a "success-only" charge of a % of the total sales consideration received by a vendor when the sale of a business is completed.


Preparing your business for sale

Preparation is the key to obtaining optimal value and efficiency when selling a business. Selling a business requires careful planning and a bespoke stratergy. You have spent a huge amount of time and energy building your business, and want to achieve a smooth and systematic sale. Find out how our methodical approach will help you to achieve this.

How we prepare your business for sale


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Find out how we can help sell your business!

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Why Choose Weybrook Business Brokers?

Every client we work with is hugely important to us, that is why we only work with a few select clients, once you are signed up we will concentrate on ensuring your business is sold to the right buyer. We will be alongside you throughout the process and will meet all potential buyers to ensure their suitability and we will accompany them on all site visits.

We will work very closely with all your advisers including lawyers, accountants and financing experts throughout the sale process. Our primary goal is to offer you excellent support and customer service throughout the process.

If you are looking to grow your business by acquiring a similar or complementary company, we will search out and make confidential contact with potential targets. We have a strong business network and contact can be made without causing conflict of interest