Pioneering Carbon Pricing & Risk Management Specialist on Cusp of Revolutionising Carbon Markets

Pioneering Carbon Pricing & Risk Management Specialist on Cusp of Revolutionising Carbon Markets

An outstanding opportunity for visionary investment in a company facing a funding crisis. The entrepreneur purchasing this company must be ready to assume a global leadership position in the newly emerging arena of CO2 metrics and how these real-life dollar values are set to change the face of the conventional balance sheet forever. 

Carbon Metrics, complete with their dollar valuations and implications, are about to make their first-ever appearance in the corporate accounting world – and they will become impossible to ignore. Whoever owns and drives this new technology, complete with its IP and software capabilities, potentially has the entire world at their feet.  

For this is the ONLY company in the world to have scientifically determined the true price of CO2 emissions, based on the loss and damage caused by extreme weather events attributable to manmade climate change. They alone can put a truly accurate $ price on this: dollars per tonne CO2 - not just tonnes of CO2. This has vast implications for accounting practices in every sector, for example:

• Dollar-costed carbon auditing of big-ticket projects like nuclear power plants

• Dollar-costed measurement of carbon liability of, say, proven reserves of oil companies

• Dollar-costed assessment of carbon liability Value at Risk (VaR) for asset managers across all industry and energy types including renewables

It doesn’t stop there: this company’s unique IP and software products also feature:

• Corporate-level carbon risk metrics and scenario analysis that enables dollar-costed like-for-like comparison and prediction of financial risk exposures across all sectors.

• A powerful insurance loss and damage algorithm used to determine the global cost of disasters and that predicts the most likely proximities and timings of extreme weather-related disasters.

• Methodology that validates and calibrates carbon trading and taxation schemes, provides carbon price floors and helps rationalise low carbon investments and adaptation measures.

Background context in a nutshell:

Global warming, caused by CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, currently costs global GDP a staggering $1 trillion in damages p.a. Small wonder the UN, IMF and World Bank have all called for a carbon price: policy makers in government and corporations urgently need this price so they can account for the true cost to humanity of their decisions, activities and investments.

Additionally, currently traded prices, such as the EU Emission Trading Scheme, or taxes such as the UK Carbon Price Floor, cannot be projected into the future reliably whereas this company can project into the future (and that makes them particularly useful for risk managers, asset managers and pension fund managers).

Because this company’s carbon prices are scientifically robust, they are future proof and tamper proof – beyond the scope of political diktat or market forces – and therefore are credible as well as defendable.

Validated against an independent study (Hsiang et al, 2017) they are well aligned to the broad consensus on carbon prices today and, uniquely, provide the right path forward.

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